Vampire Apocalypse: Book Two: Apothesis by Katriena Knights

[Vampire  Apocalypse, Book Two: Apotheosis]Sequel to: Vampire Apocalypse: Book One: Revelations

Julian’s transformation has opened the doors for revolution within the vampire community. Lines have been drawn. All must choose sides.

Lilith, formerly of the Dark Children, must decide whether to abandon her old loyalties for the love of a mortal. Rafael never wanted to be a vampire in the first place, but falls for one anyway. Aanu has been dead for four thousand years and is resurrected into a world where the stakes are high and love is far too complicated. And all these intertwining stories lead to one thing–the final confrontation between Julian and Ialdaboth.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893896692, ImaJinn Books, 2003