Prince of Misery by Heather Crews

Prince of  MiseryWhen an irrational act of jealousy leaves him with a scarred face, Theron, the vain prince of vampires, sees no reason to emerge from the isolation of shadows. He sinks into shamed misery, subsisting for years through the diligent care of his loyal valet, Seth. Then he meets Iris, a human girl as innocent and warm as he is dark and cold. Convinced that he has found a reason to live again, Theron falls in love with her. But Seth harbors ruthless ambitions for his prince and his plans don’t include Iris. Enchanted by the promise of beauty and power, Theron soon abandons Iris and unknowingly places her at the core of a terrible tragedy. His actions send her into the arms of an unlikely ally, whose deep-seated envy and obsessive desire for revenge threaten to destroy them all.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1424145228, PublishAmerica, 2006