Lawson Vampire Series by Jon F. Merz

[The Fixer]The Fixer

“Meet Lawson: vampire by birth, Fixer by trade. His mission: preserve the secret existence of vampires by any means necessary. There’s just one problem – his oldest enemy Cosgrove is back, killing humans and threatening to unleash an ancient unholy evil. Can Lawson stop Cosgrove and still adhere to the very laws he protects by not falling in love with a beautiful human assassin named Talya?” (From

Order Info: ISBN 0786015004, Pinnacle Books, 2002

[The Invoker]

The Invoker

Order Info: ISBN 0786015012, Pinnacle Books, 2002

[The Destructor]

The Destructor

Order Info: ISBN 0786015357, Pinnacle Books, 2003

[The Syndicate]

The Syndicate

Order Info: ISBN 0786015365, Pinnacle Books, 2003