Bloodchained by Diana Laurence

[Bloodchained]“Bloodchained is a romantic suspense novel for lovers of paranormal fantasy, from award-winning Soulful Sex author Diana Laurence. It’s the story of Grace Gilder and her brother Sebastian, who run an elegant inn in the city of Audacacia, home of the famous Temple of Love. Their inn hosts pilgrims journeying to petition the power of the Temple to intervene in matters of the heart. It’s also the tale of Finn Equain, an enigmatic gentleman who harbors a secret and unhealthy obsession with the Roicans, a legendary race of blood-drinking immortals. By the time Grace and Finn’s paths cross, powers beyond their control are at play. Figuring into their fates are two more mysterious characters: the delightfully charming Liam and his shy but ravishing sister Nessa. The destinies of these five will be determined by the ultimate conflict between supernatural powers of lust and loyalty, desire and devotion.” (Summary from

Paperback Info: ISBN 0979274125, Living Beyond Reality Press, 2007

Sequel: Bloodchained II

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