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Vampyre’s Blues, A: The Passion Of Varnado by Chris Hayden

[A Vampyre's  Blues: The Passion Of Varnado]Our handsome hero…an African American vampire…falls in love with a married human woman, Sheba Ferguson.

He pursues her against the backdrop of a war with rival monsters, the death worshipping Guhl, the quest to solve the mystery of a mythological being called “the Vampyre of the Light”, and his own doubts about whether he wants to make Sheba his lover…or his victim.

Overall looms the menacing presence of Harry Halbert, Lord Baltimore, and a 300 year old Vampire whose loyalties and purpose are always in doubt.

“A Vampyre Blues” is cinematic, allegorical, silly seriousness in the vein of George Clinton. A clever, witty literary thriller of superb…taste.

High brow St. Louis novelist Chris Hayden’s literary debut cleverly mixes horror, suspense and comedy with an old school style and rythm that’s sure to thrill and entertain.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0971201943, Door of Kush, 2004

Categories: Fiction and Novels & Sequels.

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