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Blue Dawn Over Gettysburg: A Supernatural Tale of Union Victory by Joe DeSantis

Special Offer from the Author: Order Blue Dawn Over Gettysburg directly from Joe DeSantis for $15 US (shipping included) and have anything you like inscribed in the book. To order your copy email Joe at jdesantis@mail2world.com “It is the early spring of 1860; a Pennsylvania college student is...

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Blood of the Templar by D. H. Nations

“Josephine Mowbray flees the butchering of her family at the hand of the Isma’ilites and stumbles into the protecting arms of the Knights Templar. But the Templar are not what they seem, and their mystery will lead Josephine on a journey that changes the very blood in her veins and conde...

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Blood of the Goddess, The by William Schindler

A Dutch merchant marine arrives in India in 1612 and is abducted by a mysterious stranger with a horrible secret who claims he is the sailor’s immortal teacher and lover from a past life. The two trek together into the Himalayas in search of a secret shrine of the Goddess where the young man i...

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Blood Legacy: The Novel by Kerri Hawkins

In the spirit of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, Marvel`s Blade the Vampire Hunter series and UPN`s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blood Legacy: The Novel spans more than six centuries and chronicles the exploits of Ryan, a beautiful and mysterious woman whose beauty belies her true nature...

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Blood to Blood: The Dracula Story Continues by Elaine Bergstrom

The sequel to Mina. “Finally free of Dracula’s spell, Mina Harker returns to London — only to face two terrifying threats to her new life: the half-mad Joanna Tepes, sister by birth and by blood to Dracula, and a maniac who murders women on the streets. But which is more deadly...

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