Morningstar by Peter Atkins

[Morningstar]“Summer in San Francisco and a killer is on the loose. Twelve victims so far. Scrawled in each victim’s blood, a single word: “Morningstar.” Two innocents suddenly find their lives swept up in a maelstrom of madness and murder. Shelley Masterton — her dreams invaded by a dead friend, one of the killer’s victims — becomes an unwitting recruit in a plan for revenge from beyond the grave. And freelance journalist Donovon Moon receives a phone call offering the scoop of a lifetime: Morningstar is on the line…and wants to talk. When Peter Atkins’ debut novel Morningstar was first published in the U.K., the praise was unanimous.” (from

Paperback Info: ISBN 0974290777, Infrapress, 2004 (reissue)