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Monastery by Patrick Whalen

[Monastery]“Chinook Island, twenty-six miles off the coast of Washington State… a solitary place of windswept cliffs and brooding skies. A place where a godforsaken abbey stands sentry over an ancient, unholy secret. Long ago, two priests took a vow in blood-a vow to silence forever the evil entombed below. Today the guardians are gone. And with a promise forged in hell, the madness is beginning Again. Now a preternatural hunger stalks the people of Chinook Island. In the shadows, human flesh is torn, ravaged, drained. Bodies are resurrected. And gruesome solders form an unspeakable army. This time the creatures of the night… the living dead… will survive. Many will be lured within the hallowed, haunted chambers. They will find no escape, no peace, no rest. Not even death…” (Description and cover scan Patrick Whalen’s Website)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0671661876, Pocket, 1988

More by Patrick Whalen: Night Thirst

Categories: Fiction and Novels & Sequels.

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