Heat Seekers, The by Katherine Ramsland

[The Heat Seekers]“His name—ironically—is Christian. He belongs to the kamera, or clan, who have chosen the snake as their totem. For centuries, they’ve moved among mortals like shadows, seducing…taking only what they need. But now, something is preying upon the kamera—a contagion that paralyzes them slowly. Their only hope for an antidote lies in the blood of one extraordinary mortal…

But there are those who would gladly see the kamera perish: The Others. They stalk the darkness, led by a vampire thought long-dead, a manifestation of all that is evil. Now, as the sun sets, Christian and his kind have one last chance to find a cure—before The Others raise Hell…” (from the publisher)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0786014350, Pinnacle Books, 2002

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