Facade of Shadows by Rick Chiantaretto

Facade of  ShadowsJudas Iscariot (portrayed as the first of the undead), the gods and myths of ancient Egypt, and vampires all play a role in this novel of the clash between good and evil on Earth. In Facade of Shadows, the supernatural beings of Egyptian lore work together with modern-day vampire slayers to wage a pivotal battle against the dark powers of the underworld. A group of young slayers and their immortal Protector, the son of ancient gods, travel through time and space while struggling to save the unsuspecting population of a small town the first target for domination by the vampires a conflict that foreshadows the fate of the world. If you enjoy action, humor, tragedy, even romance involving the genre of vampires and their nemeses, this is a riveting read to add to your collection.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1589823524, American Book Publishing, 2006

Website: www.facadeofshadows.com