Coven of Vampires, A by Brian Lumley

[A Coven of  Vampires]“If you like the kind of things that inspired the teenaged Lumley–he mentions EC Comics, the famous pulp magazine Weird Tales, English monster-movie actor Christopher Lee, and sf-horror writer Richard Matheson–you will warm or agreeably chill to these 13 creepy little yarns. (Another acknowledged and very obvious influence is H. P. Lovecraft; several of Lumley’s efforts contribute to the Cthulhu Mythos cycle of stories that Lovecraft started.) Lumley defines vampire broadly, so that it applies to, among others, a faux Arabic version of the ancient Greek Lamia, a lovely and curvaceous member of the Riviera beach elite, a railway-traveling band of seeming devil worshipers, a Cousteau-like marine scientist, a simple young German signpainter, and the revenant Vlad Tepes Dracul himself. It isn’t only blood these fiends are after, and still, getting what they want always kills those who have it. This stuff may not be art, but it sure is fun.” (from

Hardcover Info: ISBN: 0340715421, Hodder & Stoughton