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American Vampire Series by Martin H. Greenberg and Lawrence Schimel

[Blood Lines]Blood Lines : Vampire Stories from New England, 1997

An anthology of ten stories (one original to this volume) by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Manly Wade Wellman, H.P. Lovecraft, Esther Friesner, etc.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1888952504, Cumberland House

[Fields of  Blood]

Fields of Blood : Vampire Stories from the American Midwest, 1998

Paperback Info: ISBN 1888952792, Cumberland House

[Southern  Blood]

Southern Blood : Vampire Stories from the American South, 1997

Paperback Info: ISBN 1888952490, Cumberland House

[Streets of  Blood]Streets of Blood : Vampire Stories from New York City, 1998

Paperback Info: ISBN 1888952784, Cumberland House

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Categories: Anthologies, Fiction, and Fiction Series.

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